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Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow

Boys and Girls Tooth Pillow

A Tooth Fairy Pillow, why you ask? Well children begin losing their baby teeth around age 4 and lose their last tooth as late as age 13. Yesteryear the dear tooth fairy had to dig around under a child's pillow for a tiny lose tooth and leave a gift that would many times end up under the bed by morning. So why not make it a bit easier on the tooth fairy with these wonderful keepsake handmade Tooth Fairy Pillows. This pillow is personalized with the child’s name – all embroidered, has ‘gold’ stars and beautiful piping. It also has a handle to hang from a doorknob or bedpost. There is a small pocket for the child to leave their tooth in, which also makes it easy for the tooth fairy to find and leave the gift in. This is one of the nicest, most detailed keepsake pillows you will find. Each design is meticulously handmade in the USA. We start from scratch after receipt of order and we are always open to special requests.


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